As a teenager I asked, "Why do young people leave the church after high school?'' This book is my
answer and solution after asking for more than 25 years. Young  people leave the church because
while they have grown up physically and psychologically, they haven't developed spiritually.

There are seven stages of spiritual growth from a Christian perspective. There is one path to spiritual
maturity, and all must pass through the same stages to get there. The Spiritual Life Cycle explains the
learning tasks, crises, keys, and symbols of each stage. It teaches the steps necessary to move from
one stage to the next. It is not just another book about the necessity of prayer, bible study, etc. It is
a manual to help churches keep and nurture their people to spiritual maturity.

Daryl Mitchell                   Kindle Book $9.99
    $20.00                        NOOK Book $9.99
ISBN: 1456418823
Read my Preface
Daryl Mitchell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the private practice of psychotherapy. He has a
Bachelor of Business Administration and  Master of Social Work from the University of Arkansas at Little
Rock. He has taught at the university level and has counseled people of all ages in inpatient and outpatient
settings. Daryl has been a Bible teacher of youth and adults in Arkansas for over twenty years. His
perspective of social work and the Bible has enabled him to write The Spiritual Life Cycle.
The Spiritual Life Cycle is available at
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